Work with us

Our way of working is of huge importance to us. If you wish to work with us, it is important to understand what we deem to be crucial attributes to excel in the security industry. E.D.C.O.T.:

E – Enthusiasm. It is important to be Enthusiastic to any task you take on and to always be willing to go that extra mile to help our clients and fellow SLS team members.
D – Decision making skills. It is important to be decisive in all forms of security work we undertake, to be confident in your decision and be willing to back others decisions also.
C – Communication. The most important skill of all. It is vital to have good communication skills when working within the Security industry. You can find yourself in challenging situations, many of which can be dissolved with good communication skills. It is always of great importance to communicate well with colleagues and clients to ensure we are all on the same page.
O- Observation. It is very important to be alert, whether you are manning a site, protecting stock at a shop or supervising a door at a nightclub. It is crucial to observe a situation before you decide on your next step.
T – Teamwork. Teamwork is huge for us at South Lincs Security. The company was created upon solid teamwork after years of a successful working relationship between our directors. You must be a team player if you would like to work with us. Everything runs smoother with team players, to be willing to go that extra mile for each other.